Interview With Clint DeFrance - Part 2: Top Ten Recommendations

February 24th, 2020

In this week’s episode we continue our interview with Brother Clint DeFrance with a discussion of the three books that have had the greatest impact on his Biblical studies, his reading goals, and his Top 10 Recommendations.

Books discussed in this week’s episode include:

 Reason and Revelation by Robert Milligan
The Great Commission by Robert Milligan
The Kingdom of the Messiah by Carl Ketcherside
Drawing Water From the Wells of Salvation by Doug Edwards
Handbook on Evidences by George Fisher
Civil Government by David Lipscomb
The Spirit and the Word by Z. T. Sweeney
The Gospel Plan of Salvation by T. W. Brents
A Refutation o f the Doctrine of Total Hereditary Depravity by Aylett Raines
The Formation of the Old Testament Canon by William Henry Green
Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis

Be sure to check out David Griffin's website where you will find free downloadable recordings of old books from Restoration pens.

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