Book Review with Jamie Thomson: Genesis by Richard P. Belcher Jr.

June 19th, 2019

Jamie Thomson joins today’s episode to discuss Richard P. Belcher’s commentary on Genesis from the Focus on the Bible Commentary Series. We discuss Belcher’s background, the purpose and focus of his commentary, the benefits and hang-ups of his work, and much more in this round-table discussion.


Other books mentioned in today’s episode include:


Finding Favor in the Sight of God by Richard P. Belcher Jr. (part of the New Studies in Biblical Theology Series)

Isaiah by Alan Harmon (part of the Focus on the Bible Commentary Series)

Joshua-2Kings by Dale Ralph Davis (part of the Focus on the Bible Commentary Series)

The New American Commentary on Genesis by Kenneth Mathews

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Do You Know James E. Smith?

June 14th, 2019

Today I want to introduce my listeners to one of my favorite authors: James E. Smith.  
If you are not familiar with Smith's writings it's time to get acquainted.  Smith is a prolific writer on the Old Testament who holds a high view of inspiration and conservative approach to Biblical interpretation.  

Most of the books discussed in today's episode can be found in our bookstore at and  include:

Biblical Protology
Introduction to Biblical Studies
Bible Survey
A Christian View of the Old Testament
Biblical Typology
The Promised Messiah
Exploring Mt. Zion
Is There Any Word From The Lord?
Biblical Prophetism
Which Books Belong in the Bible?

God's Law Our Compass (This is the one book Smith has written that I do not recommend).

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Reading With Aaron Battey

May 15th, 2019

In Part 2 of my interview with Aaron Battey we discuss reading goals, Bible reading plans, books that have had the greatest impact on his thinking (outside the Bible), books he recommends, study helps, tips, tools, and more.  If you haven’t checked out Aaron’s website be sure to take a look @ .


Books discussed this week include:

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek
Drawing Water From The Wells of Salvation by Doug Edwards
Introduction to Biblical Studies by James E. Smith
The Origin of the Bible by Philip Comfort
The Unfolding Mystery by Edmond Clowney
The Man Who Gave God an English Voice by David Teems

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Interview With Aaron Battey: Learning From The Greats

May 6th, 2019

Young aspiring evangelist Aaron Battey (a.k.a my brother) stopped in the studio today to discuss the training he has recently undergone with two evangelists in preparation for going into the field full-time..  In particular, reading assignments and tools that he was introduced to along the way. 

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Love Your God With All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland Review

April 16th, 2019

Love Your God With All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland is a fascinating book that challenges Christians to develop their intellectual mind for the glory of God.  We provide an in-depth review of the Pros and Cons to both provoke listeners to read the book and help equip them to avoid a few pitfalls they will encounter along the way. 

Other books referenced/recommended along the way include:

Love Your God With All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland (2nd edition)
The King Jesus Gospel by Scott McKnight
Debate Notes on Bible Classes by George F. Battey
A Weed in the Church by Scott T. Brown
God and Government by Lee M. Rogers
Civil Government by David Lipscomb
The Final Word by O. Palmer Robertson

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Devotional Vs. Intellectual Reading Strategies

April 10th, 2019

What is the purpose of devotional reading?  Is devotional reading a valid practice?  Are there good materials to encourage devotional reading?  What is the main difference between devotional reading and intellectual reading?  What should be the main focus of intellectual reading? What are some good practices to follow when reading critically?  What challenges should you present to yourself when reading critically?  These and other great questions are discussed in today's episode.

Books Recommendation in This Episode: (Hyperlinks provided)

Granville Tyler Workbooks
New Testament Questions by E. M. Zerr
Mrs. Lee’s Bible Stories
Psalms by the Day by Alec Motyer
The Parables by Simon J. Kistemaker
The Miracles by Simon J. Kistemaker
Mark: DoubleDay Bible Commentary by R. T. France


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Researching Leviticus

April 2nd, 2019

Today’s episode centers around commentaries on the book of Leviticus.  While searching for a good commentary to provide a sound structure, big picture, and thorough introduction to Leviticus, Nathan discovered both positive components and problematic pitfalls in a number of commentaries.  His research ultimately lead him to what will hopefully be a worthwhile commentary to add to any library.

Commentaries discussed in this episode include: 

New International Commentary on Leviticus by Gordon J. Wenham
Leviticus, A Commentary by James E. Smith
Mentor Commentary: Leviticus by Robert Vasholz
Holiness to the Lord: A Guide to the Exposition of the Book of Leviticus by Allen P. Ross
Bible Speaks Today Commentary: Leviticus by Derek Tidball
New American Commentary: Leviticus by Mark F. Rooker
Tablets of Stone by John Reisinger
Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord by L. Michael Morales
Tyndale Old Testament Commentary: Leviticus by R. K. Harrison
Tyndale Old Testament Commentary: Leviticus by Jay Sklar

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Bad Guys: Authors to Avoid

March 26th, 2019

In this week's episode we provide a list of a "dirty dozen" dangerous authors to avoid when building your library.  Rather than merely naming the authors, we have also provided a brief discussion of the positions they hold that make them dangerous.  Our list includes:

John MacArthur
John Piper
John Stott
John Goldingay
Water Bruggemann
Robert Alter
Hugh Ross
C. John Collins
Julius Wellhausen
Steve Moyse
Don Preston
Edward Fudge

Recommended Reads:
Focus on the Bible Commentary: Genesis by Richard P. Belcher Jr.
The Gagging of God by D. A. Carson

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Current Reads and More Reading Tips

March 19th, 2019

In this week's episode we share a few more reading tips and discuss the following books that are on my current reading list:

The Spirit and the Word by J. C. Holloway
The Life of Christ by R. C. Foster
What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About by Jason S. DeRouchie

Love Your God With All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland
Handbook to the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by G. K. Beale
From Paradise to the Promised Land by T. Desmond Alexander

1 & 2 Chronicles by Richard L. Pratt ( A Mentor Commentary)
2 Samuel by Dale Ralph Davis (Focus on the Bible Commentary Series)
Christ Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus in 1+2 Samuel by Heath Thomas and J. D. Grear

Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes by Kenneth E. Bailey
Tyndale Commentary on 1 Corinthians by Thomas Schreiner 

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Book Review: Kingdom Come by Sam Storms

March 12th, 2019

This week’s episode contains a review of Sam Storm’s book Kingdom Come.  We have attempted to present an unbiased view of the book while noting both its strengths and shortcomings.


Here are books that are recommended as alternative reads to particular areas of study presented within Storm’s work:

  • An alternative view to Storm’s position on Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy:
  • Kingdom Through Covenant by Peter Gentry


  • Alternative to Storm’s positon on the Four Kingdoms of Daniel’s Prophecies:
  •  A Commentary on Daniel by Homer Hailey
  • Daniel by Jim McGuiggan
  • The Prophecy of Daniel by Edward J. Young


  • A better presentation of Matthew 24 from Storm’s point of view:
  • New International Commentary on Matthew by R. T. France


  • An alternative view to Storm’s position on Matthew 24:
  • Jesus and the Future by Andreas Kostenberger and Alexander Stewart


  • Better material on typology:
  • A Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by G. K. Beale
  • Typology in Scripture by Richard M. Davidson


  • Better material on Romans 11 and the “Future of Israel”:
  • Contending For The Faith Commentary on Romans by Alan Bonifey


  • Referenced material on the subjects of Hell and Eternal Punishment:
  • The Gagging of God by D. A. Carson


Recommended Viewing:


An Evening of Eschatology: Premillennialism, Amillennialism, and Postmillennialism (available on YouTube)

The Anti-Christ by George Battey (available on

The Mark of the Beast by George Battey (available on

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