I’ve Written A Book

May 18th, 2020

Today's episode contains a big announcement regarding my new book, Covenant Faithfulness: An Examination of Matthew 12:1-14.  Tune in as I discuss why I wrote the book, the writing process, and the content of the final product. 

Be sure to pick up a copy in our bookstore: https://www.christianresearcher.com/my-book.html 

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Quarantine and the 100 Club

May 6th, 2020

 Today's episode is a laid-back discussion of some of the books I have read during the COVID-19 quarantine and a couple projects I have recently undertaken.  Hope you enjoy!

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Savage Death

April 3rd, 2020

A little over two years ago I preached a sermon for the first and only time titled “Savage Death.” I have thought of this message many times and under many different circumstances including our current moment of crisis.  I hope that a reflection on the cross will help put our world, purpose, service, and affliction in their proper perspective. May God bless all who face times of testing in this difficult moment and may He receive all glory due Him for His marvelous gift in Christ. May the people of God continue to worship and remember the Son for the grace He poured out at Calvary.

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Fear: Our Greatest Enemy

March 27th, 2020

Fear is one of the greatest weapons the Devil holds and wields and is a blasphemous attempt to usurp that which properly belongs to God.  Please open your Bible and follow along as we address a pressing issue in light of the pandemic that has befallen our nation/world.

Please share this message and feel free to distribute as you wish.


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Calm in the Midst of the Storm

March 18th, 2020

In this episode we have dispensed with our regular format and content to provide a message that speaks to the chaos that is going on in our world.  With all that is happening it is easy to lose faith and focus on God, so we want to take a moment and provide some thoughts from the Bible that will hopefully provide some comfort in dark times.  God bless.

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Books That Left a Mark - Part 1: Impacting Young People

March 11th, 2020

Today's episode is the first of several I will publish regarding books that have left their mark on my thinking and I hope will impact your thinking as well.  Here is a list provided with hyperlinks to all 13 of the titles we discuss in this first episode:


Books For Young People:


Granville Tyler

New Testament Workbooks

Leroy Brownlow

Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ

Mike Willis

Proverbs: Bible Text Books by Guardian of Truth (CEI)

Dave Miller

Richland Hills and Instrumental Music: A Plea to Reconsider

Josh McDowell

Evidence That Demands a Verdict

David Gibson

Living Life Backwards

Michael Shank

Muscle and a Shovel

J. P. Moreland

Love Your God With All Your Mind

James E. Smith

Introduction to Biblical Studies

John Ankerberg and John Weldon

Darwin's Leap of Faith

Corrie Tenboom

The Hiding Place

James Dobson

Life on the Edge

James Orten

Honorable Mention:

Mature Enough For Marriage

Norman Geisler

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Top 3 Reads of 2020: So Far

March 2nd, 2020

So far in 2020 I have found three articles that have been extremely helpful in my studies and today I want to share them with you.  


The first can be found in Gordon J. Wenham's Commentary on the Book of Numbers.  The section discussed is found in Wenham's introduction under the headings of Theology and Christian Usage.

The second article is David Dorsey's article titled The Law of Moses and the Christian.

The third article is Stephen G. Dempster's article Exodus and Biblical Theology: On Moving into the Neighborhood with a New Name.

The latter two articles are available for free download in PDF format through the following link: https://www.christianresearcher.com/articles/top-3-reads-of-2020-so-far

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Biblical Theology: Definition, Methodologies, and Proponents

February 10th, 2020

One of the greatest influences in becoming a "Whole Bible Christian" is the practice of Biblical Theology.  But what is Biblical Theology?  How is it defined?  What makes it distinct? How is it practiced?  Who are its advocates?  These and other important questions are answered in this week's episode.  We hope this introduction will provoke listeners to investigate a critically important area of Bible study and research.

A transcript containing the material presented in today's episode can be downloaded through the following link. We hope the transcript will assist listeners in further disseminating the material. 



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Why Expository Preaching?

February 3rd, 2020

The current episode reviews David Jackman's book Why Expository Preaching and also provides a primer on why expository preaching is such an important concept.  A critique of current training and teaching methods is provided and direction for a better way is shown.

Books referenced in this episode:

Why Expository Preaching? by David Jackman

Preaching: A Biblical Theology by Jason Meyer

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2020: Reading Goals

January 27th, 2020

 In our first episode of the year we talk Reading Goals to set for the coming year. In particular we address 12 different areas of reading to help provide Bible students with a well rounded diet.

Specific Books Mentioned in Episode:

Introduction to Biblical Studies by James E. Smith
What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About by Jason DeRouchie
According to Luke by David Gooding
Love Your God With All Your Mind by J. P. Moreland
House to House by Ivan Stewart
Tactics by Greg Koukl
The Preacher and His Work by Jack Meyer Sr. 
Church Leadership and Organization by Flavel Yeakley
Equal Yet Different by Alexander Strauch
Gospel Plan of Salvation by T. W. Brents
Gospel Preacher by Benjamin Franklin
McGarvey's Sermons by J. W. McGarvey
Hermeneutics by D. R. Dungan
Principles of Interpretation by Clinton Lockhart
How Implication Binds and Silence Forbids by George F. Beals
Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by G. K. Beale
A Study Guide to Greater Bible Knowledge by Wayne Jackson
Why Expository Preaching? by David Jackman
Proverbs by James E. Smith
Proverbs by David Hubbard 
Proverbs by Derek Kidner
Living Life Backwards by David Gibson
Finding Favor in the Sight of God by Richard P. Belcher Jr. 
The Unfolding Mystery by Edmond Clowney
Dominion and Dynasty by Stephen Dempster
Series by Crossway Publications:  Short Studies in Biblical Theology 



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